If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve come to the place or the season where you’ve asked yourself (and God), “Who am I?” And you didn’t just ask this question one time, you’ve asked it repeatedly. This is especially true as you discover more of who God is; this causes you to go through layers and layers of deliverance. And as God sets you free from false personalities, ungodly beliefs that have shaped your world and people who once proclaimed their love and loyalty to you, you will find yourself at a constant crossroad. This is the proverbial fork in the road where you’re forced to decide if you want to continue on as you were, entertaining the people who’ve been in your life for years, even though God wants to deliver you from them, or if you want to take the high road towards purpose. Most people would shout emphatically that they’d choose the road of destiny, but when they are truly at these crossroads, they soon discover just how people bound they really are. It’s not easy to walk away from a comfort zone; it’s not easy to divorce a mindset, and it’s not easy to embrace a new reality. What’s more is, it’s not easy to do these things ALONE! You see, as you venture out of one mindset into the other, you will find that many of the people in your life are directly connected to a mindset or a belief system that you’ve been hosting, but once God causes that mindset to fall away, the people attached to that line of reasoning will fall away as well. And get this … God doesn’t immediately replace them! Instead, He will allow you to walk alone or, better yet, alongside Him until you (1) defeat the demon of loneliness and (2) learn to appreciate His presence.

Understand this … who you are and who you’ve become are not one and the same. And all too often, depression is nothing but you grieving who you wanted to be, who you pretended to be or who you became; this funeral takes place before the rebirthing of your true identity. This is an identity that was snatched by trauma and ignorance; this is an identity that has been buried, and every time it peaked through, you allowed the enemy to mow it down. He justified doing this by saying, “If people saw this side of you, they wouldn’t like you” or “This is not who you are!” Consequently, the real you was imprisoned. The real you cried up from beneath the dirt, but you silenced your own voice by surrounding yourself with noise. This noise often came from people who’d embraced the false you; people who had no room, grace or space for the real you to emerge.

So, like most believers, you’ve asked the question, “Who am I?” What’s amazing is the fact that God refers to Himself as “I Am.” This means that He is eternal; He’s not past tense, He is always present. All the same, He knows who He is. Why do I share this? Because who you are is hidden in the Great I Am! And you discover you by discovering Him! You discover Him by studying His Word and praying daily. You have to seek Him to find yourself! But what’s better is, in seeking Him, you’ll find Him, and when you do, who you are becomes the least of your interests! You’ll want to spend more and more time with Him, and in doing so, He will continue to reveal Himself in you, through you and for you! Chase Him and you’ll find yourself!