Tiffany Buckner (formerly Tiffany Kameni) is the Author of 59 books and counting. Her books range from relationship help books to books on demonology. She has written for renown publications such as Examiner, Yahoo and Associated Content


Tiffany is a Writer in every sense of the word. She is passionate about teaching the Word of God through her writings. She has authored more than 200 articles with Examiner alone. She is a Blogger, Ghostwriter and Journalist. She also teaches writing classes.


Tiffany is a songwriter who has written, published and distributed several ground-moving songs. Her first music video, entitled In Your Presence, has reached more than 30,000 souls on Facebook alone, and her song projects have reached souls on every continent!


Tiffany is the founder of Anointed Fire Seal and Logos, Anointed Fire House Publishing and Visiiion. Each of these establishments have several sectors and sub-companies that have grown to reach millions of people from around the world. These include Anointed Fire Magazine, AF Design Company and more!


The founder of Esther Prep University, Ms. Buckner is mentoring more than one hundred women who want to overcome and dominate one or more of of the seven mountains of societal influence. Esther Prep University is a 12-month mentorship designed to prune and grow the gifts of tomorrow.


Tiffany is a Graphic Designer, Video Designer and Web Designer. She is a designer in every sense of the word! She has sold more than one thousand seals and logos, and her site boasts of more than one thousand available designs! She also designs flyers, book covers and much more! Check out her main site by clicking the button below!