In Your Presence Music Video

When I first wrote the song “In Your Presence,” I didn’t think too much about the impact that it would have. I’d simply decided to dust off a talent of mine which, of course, is songwriting, and write a few songs. At that time, I hadn’t written a song for more than twenty years! But I am no songstress; I have many gifts, however, the gift of song isn’t one of them! Nevertheless, a prophetic word that I’d received back in 2015 loomed over my head. “I see music all around you!” I remember those words mainly because I remember thinking, “But I can’t sing.” Nevertheless, I chose to believe God and let Him make sense of it all. I was just glad He was speaking to me through her.

After writing the song, the Lord impressed upon my heart to hire someone to sing it, but who? I thought about the musicians in my church, but what would I say? After thinking it over, I decided to hire a girl online to do me the honor. That woman of God took that song and turned it into a masterpiece! I was completely taken aback! I couldn’t believe that I’d written it! This, of course, encouraged me to continue writing songs. Howbeit, it wasn’t over just yet.

A few months later, I felt that tugging on my heart again, but this time, the Lord was telling me to record a music video. But how? With who? I didn’t personally know the singer and I knew absolutely nothing about music videos. Plus, I was in the middle of writing a three-book series. How was I going to pull all of this off? With the help of God; that’s the only sane answer! And then, out of the blue, a brother in Christ who I hadn’t heard from in a couple of years reached out to me. He shared his music video with me, and I marveled at the quality of it. He told me about the company he’d hired to shoot it, and the rest is history! The way the whole team came together is nothing short of a testimony within itself, but what’s even more amazing is how they all came together with no practice and less than a day of shooting to pull off a music video that has over 26,000 views on Facebook! That might not be impressive to some people, but considering it was my first and only music video, what it said to me is this, “The best is yet to come!”