Tiffany Buckner is a change agent for Christ! An anointed vessel of God, she is passionate about helping others to discover the God who not only saved her, but healed, delivered and fashioned her as a weapon against the darkness that she once loved. And it is for this reason that she mass produces courses and other teaching materials for others to benefit from. To find out what’s new with Tiffany, click the button below.

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Would you like to be mentored by Tiffany? Join over 100 women in Esther Prep University and get the wisdom, information and deliverance you’ll need to reach your height in Christ.

Audio Lessons

Are you going through a storm or would you like to break cycles in your life? Check out Tiffany’s Library of Truths to find a lesson that will help you to navigate the season that you’re on.

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Card Games

Did you know that Tiffany is a game creator, amongst other things? She has 12 powerful and fun card games that you should definitely check out!


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Music Video

Have you seen Tiffany’s music video (circa: 2017) entitled “In His Presence”? If not, you don’t want to miss this powerful message!


Are you in need of deliverance or do you want to know more about the ministry of deliverance? Click the link below for more information about this powerful ministry, along with a few resources. 


Tiffany has authored 59 books and counting! These books range from relationship topics to books centered around deliverance. Click the link below to see a list of her books and notebooks.

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