About Tiffany

A multidimensional and multifaceted gift, Tiffany has claimed her spot on five of the seven mountains of influence. She is a huge advocate for change, deliverance and demonstration. She is also a living testimony! To learn more about Tiffany, click the button below.

about anointed fire

Anointed Fire has three wings’ they are: the ministerial wing, the entrepreneurial wing and the magazine. A ministry first, Anointed Fire was established by Tiffany Buckner in 2010 first as a radio show. It went on to grow into the many layers that it boasts of today.

About visiiion

Visiiion is a new, dynamic and faith-based company designed to help builders construct the visions given to them by God. Our aim is to take gifts from around the world and educate, counsel and prepare them to dominate the marketplace or whatever mountains they are called to. Follow the link below for more info.