Welcome to Your Next!

For most of us, 2020 was a year of breakthrough, but that breakthrough had been preceded by a breakdown! We’ve laughed, cried and experienced some of our our most pronounced deliverances that year. For me, the end of 2020 marked the removal of a muzzle that I’d allowed the enemy to place on me. Sure, I recorded video teachings, wrote books, wrote articles and sounded the alarm many times, but believe it or not, I was wearing a muzzle. And this muzzle hadn’t been placed on me by people. Nope. No human being was guilty of silencing me. Instead, I allowed my overthinking to get the best of me, and before the year ended, I had so much information behind that muzzle that I started feeling constricted; it was almost as if I couldn’t breathe! But God corrected me, delivered me, healed me and snatched the muzzle off! I also spoke with my pastor, got my correction there, along with some instructions. After this, the vein of revelation was no longer clogged; this allowed Heaven to speak to and through me. Howbeit, that was my 2020! What was yours like?

 And now, we’re here! The prophets called 2020 the year of vision, and rightfully so! I just don’t think we expected to see or experience what we saw and experienced! But, here we are in 2021 and there haven’t been a lot of prophetic proclamations surrounding this year. Nevertheless, if you are even remotely prophetic, you can sense God doing something different; He’s doing something unique! And it’s all for our good and His glory, but before the good emerges, He has to destroy the bad, and this is what we are all afraid of! What does this look like? What’s going to precede this proverbial breakthrough that we’re all waiting for? Will we experience another plague? What about COVID-19, is it going to disappear like the Swine Flu or are we going to have to live with it until Jesus comes back? What about another race war? What foolishness is hell planning, and where does Satan plan to strike next? What I would say to all of these questions is simply this … relax! And let God be God! We have to all remember that we’re here for a reason and a season. This is not our forever home! And God doesn’t want us to get comfortable doing what makes us comfortable! (Did you catch that?) He wants us to heal, grow and set the captives free!

So, in 2021, don’t sit around waiting on God to furnish and decorate your comfort zone. Call on His name and just surrender to His will for your life! This is where your identity, your peace and your next levels are all hidden! They are hidden behind your continued “yes” and they are waiting for you to grow up and realize who you are in Him.

Let’s take 2021 by storm! Go write the books, launch the businesses and release the inventions that God has given you! It’s time to take off the muzzles and the shackles and just become the solutions that the world has been waiting for!