Video Editor| Atlanta

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“I started editing my own videos after hiring a few video editors to create book trailers and commercials for me. I loved the videos (for the most part), but I noticed a trend: many video editors would start the videos off good, but about ten to fifteen seconds into the videos, things would start going downhill. The editor would start using what I call “filler videos.” Filler videos (in my own words) are nothing but videos used to finish a book trailer, infomercial or a commercial. These videos have little or nothing to do with what’s being promoted; for example, since my books are Christian books, some of the editors I’d hired would just throw in a Christian video even though it did not relate to what was being promoted. Frustrated, I decided to ask the Lord for a new talent; I wanted to edit videos. His answer was and is “yes” and “amen.” After I started editing my own videos, I saw something in me that was rare; I saw passion. I would look for hours, and sometimes days for the perfect video clip. That attention to detail and level of passion led me to start professionally editing videos.”

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Video Trailers by Tiffany Buckner

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