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Before Getting Started


  1. The coach will assign a phone number to the session and you must call in to the line to receive coaching services at the time arranged. The coach will not call in to your personal line, nor will she receive calls on her personal line.

  2. All sessions will be conducted over the phone ONLY. For safety purposes, the coach will NOT agree to meet anyone for any reason.

  3. All calls are recorded.

  4. Try to keep questions and stories as short as possible if you want to get more out of the call. Please remember that the clock is still ticking while you’re talking.

  5. No refunds for any reason.

  6. If you want to reschedule the call, you must notify the coach 24 hours in advance. No exceptions and no credits.

  7. You cannot bring another person on the line unless otherwise agreed upon by the coach.

  8. Calls cannot and will not be broken up unless otherwise indicated in your package choice.

  9. If you receive a phone call and you place the coach on hold, please know that the clock does not pause to allow you time to receive the call. No exceptions.

  10. Please understand that the coach will not always tell you what you want to hear. Be open to receive a difference of opinion, correction and sometimes even tough love.

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