Here, you’ll find a list of available assessments. Click the assessment that you want to take.

Marriage Ready Assessment

Do you believe that you’re ready for marriage, or would you like to see where you stand on the bridge between singlehood and marriage?

Idolatry Assessment

Are you prone to idolatrous behaviors? This is important to know so that you can escape the Automatic Failure Mechanism. This test is very detailed!

Deliverance Assessment

Take this detailed assessment to determine whether or not you are in need of deliverance! Amazingly accurate!

Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong Assessment

This detailed, in-your-face and hilarious assessmemt will help you to determine whether the guy you’re dating/courting is marriage material!

Toxic Friend Assessment

Are you trying to determine if you are a part of a toxic friendship or relationship? Would you like your next set of instructions?

Narcissistic Lover/Friend Assessment

Are you needing to determine if or not you’re hosting a narcissist in your life? This detailed assessment will give you the answers you need!