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The Ask Tiffany segment has been a popular staple in my ministerial assignment. I love answering your questions, even though I don’t always have the time to answer you one on one; that is, unless you book me for coaching. Nevertheless, I understand that some people can’t afford a coaching session so I try to find ways to answer your many questions whenever I can. To better serve you, I’ve decided to change up how I do things in the Ask Tiffany segment. Now, you have four ways to get your questions answered. For one, you can follow me on Instagram and submit your question to my inbox. Please note that you must follow me to receive an answer. I will either answer your question on my next live YouTube video or I’ll answer it live on Instagram. No worries. I won’t say your name. If you want me to answer a question privately, you must book me for a coaching session. Also, be sure to follow me on YouTube and hit the notification button so that you can be alerted every time I go live. I answer questions after many of my live sessions. And last but not least, you can join Esther Prep University if you want extensive coaching.

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