Need a mentor? Visiiion University is for every person who wants to tap into and maximize his or her potential!

Visiiion 1.0

Join more than 100 women from around the world as we embark on a journey of sisterhood and ascending the height of our potential! Become the you that you always knew you could be!

Visiiion 2.0

Not for the weak at heart! Do you want a higher level of mentorship and accountability? Do you want to aggressively pursue your purpose? If so, Visiiion 2.0 is for you!


This is mentorship for visionaries who want to “do” the work of the Kingdom, as well as learn Kingdom principles. Visiiion 3.0 is not for babes; this mentorship level is for meat-eating, Kingdom gifts who want high level accountability.

new! month-to-month mentorship!

Click here to discover what classes Tiffany Buckner will be teaching so that you can register for those classes month-to-month! This is a great opportunity to try out Esther Prep University before committing to a quarter or yearly membership!