Wise Her Still Three-Fold: The Book of Reflections
Wise Her Still Three-Fold is a compelling follow-up to the Wise Her Still series. This phenomenal book is a must-have guide for single and not-so-single Christian women. Wise Her Still Three-Fold contains a compilation of fictional stories written to bring revelation and restoration to women. Each story is followed up by hard-hitting facts and truths so potent, they will change the way you view life, relationships and God.

She’s done it again!! I’ve read most of the books in the Wise Her Still series. I learn a great deal through the accounts of each chapter as well the lesson taught at the end. I apply these teachings to my life and have avoided many snares of the enemy with the wisdom given. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

Wise Her Still Three-Fold: The Book of Revocation
Wise Her Still Three-Fold (The Book of Revocation) is a powerful and revelatory guide designed to help you to get to revelation knowledge without having to go through the valley of experience. This book highlights the bad choices that are common to today’s generation of women and that will likely be commonplace for the generations to come. This book will help you to get a God’s-eye-view of yourself so that you can revoke every ungodly process that’s active in your life.

Thank you Tiffany for this book. I really learnt a lot. It helped me change my mindset about a lot of things.


Wise Her Still Three-Fold: The Book of Rumination
Wise Her Still Three-Fold (The Book of Rumination is a hard-hitting, revelation-bearing, life-changing guide that features over one hundred questions from women all around the world. Those questions were posed to a panel of godly men and the answers will shock you, educate you and set you free! Additionally, this powerful guide details the testimonies of ten women on three continents who’ve survived the hardships that the enemy tried to destroy them with. Finally, as if this book isn’t powerful enough, prepare yourself to read the testimony of a prisoner and a former prisoner who’ve both escaped death and defeated the odds!
Coming December 21st