Feature Your Story in Wise Her Still Three

Wise Her Still Three is underway and we’d love to hear from you! If you have a non fiction, powerful story you feel will benefit the body of Christ, we would love to read it! Please use the form below to submit your story after you’ve read the information under the Need to Know header. If we choose to use your story, we will contact you.

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Need to Know

  1. We are not accepting every story submitted. We are only accepting stories that benefit the body of Christ and demonstrate an overcoming.

  2. If you have not purchased and read any of the Wise Her Still books, you will not be eligible. The reason for this is the Wise Her Still series follows a format and if you’re not familiar with that format, your submission would cost us more time and money to prepare. Must show proof of purchase.

  3. You will only be submitting your story; you won’t be submitting the advice that accompanies the story.

  4. Please do not submit the actual names of the people involved. Change the names to protect yourself and the Author.

  5. There is no payment for submissions. You will not be considered a co-author; you will be a contributing writer, and as such, you will not receive payments, royalties or rights to or from Wise Her Still.

  6. Tiffany Buckner will own the rights to all stories published in Wise Her Still (no exceptions). This means that you cannot publish the story anywhere else.

  7. You can submit your photo to be displayed in the book, however, all photos submitted must be high resolution (300 DPI or above) and presentable (no cleave, profane gestures, etc.).

  8. Every individual whose story is accepted will receive a free e-copy of Wise Her Still Three and they will be able to purchase the print book featuring their story at the author’s rate.

  9. Stories must be properly written and edited.

  10. No more than 5,000 words per writer.

  11. You must be 18 years or older to submit a story.