“I started editing my own videos after hiring a few video editors to create book trailers and commercials for me. I loved the videos (for the most part), but I noticed a trend: many video editors would start the videos off good, but about ten to fifteen seconds into the videos, things would start going downhill. The editor would start using what I call “filler videos.” Filler videos (in my own words) are nothing but videos used to finish a book trailer, infomercial or a commercial. These videos have little or nothing to do with what’s being promoted; for example, since my books are Christian books, some of the editors I’d hired would just throw in a Christian video even though it did not relate to what was being promoted. Frustrated, I decided to ask the Lord for a new talent; I wanted to edit videos. His answer was and is “yes” and “amen.” After I started editing my own videos, I saw something in me that was rare; I saw passion. I would look for hours, and sometimes days for the perfect video clip. That attention to detail and level of passion led me to start professionally editing videos.”

Video Trailers by Tiffany Buckner