Before Getting Started

As with all things, there are rules, guidelines and restrictions. Please read the information below before submitting your photos.
  1. You must own the rights to the photos that you are submitting and you must submit evidence of those rights.
  2. Submit links to the photos only.
  3. High resolution (300 DPI) professional photos only! Some of the materials will be in print and printers require 300 DPI or higher.
  4. No nudity, profane, hateful or sexually explicit photos will be accepted.
  5. We will not use all photos submitted to us.
  6. Your name or company’s name will be displayed whenever we use your photos.
  7. We will not sell your photos to anyone for any reason.
  8. Your photo(s) may be used, for example, on one of our customers’ books, flyers or in our magazine.
  9. If and when your photo is used, you will be notified via email.
  10. Just so you know… we are willing to pay to use any photo we want, HOWEVER, we advise that you do not submit photos that you want more than five dollars for. Why is this? We can purchase photos on stock websites for as little as $2. This is a two-way street; you are getting some exposure in this as well. Please don’t be greedy.

Note from Tiffany Buckner

Dear Models and Photographers,

As a Graphic Designer, I am always in the market for new photos to display on flyers, book covers, magazine ads, and so on. And while it’s very easy for any Graphic Designer to find photos online, I want to use the photos of God-fearing people like yourself. Why? Because I know how exciting it is to be featured or have your work featured, plus, I believe that the believer should be on the forefront of every ad… not the unbeliever. If you’re interested, please submit your photos using the form provided and as always, I love and appreciate you.
With love,