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Need to Know

  1. Minimum sponsorship amount is $10 per item sponsored. This means that if you choose to sponsor three programs, your minimum amount given should be $30 if you want a free copy of each program or project. The reason for this is… we are giving sponsors free copies of the items and we don’t want people selecting five projects to sponsor, for example, and then, giving one dollar. This can and does happen.  Some people will see it as an opportunity to get around paying full price, meaning, their intentions aren’t to sponsor what we’re doing. If you want to give a donation, however, you can by clicking here. You can submit a donation in ANY amount but because sponsors are receiving free copies of whatever it is that they are sponsoring, we have to require a minimum sponsorship amount of $10 per item sponsored.

  2. If you sponsor a book, you will receive a free e-book copy of the book once it’s published. You won’t receive a printed copy unless your sponsorship amount exceeds $50.

  3. Sponsors will be listed on our site as having been past or current sponsors; that is, if it’s okay with you, the sponsor! We will also show sponsorship amounts if permitted.

  4. Sponsors must be 18 years of age or older.

  5. Sponsoring a program does not grant the sponsor any rights to that program or any voice in the direction, production or distribution of that program.

  6. Sponsors who give $100 or more will be mentioned on or in the programs that he or she has sponsored. Of course, this means that the amount submitted MUST BE submitted before the editing and publishing of that program. Giving less than required is great; we’re thankful for every seed, however, giving less and promising to give more in the near future will not qualify a sponsor to be listed in the program he or she is sponsoring. The full seed must be received before the program goes to editing, print or production.