Souled Out is a teleconference designed to help men and women alike both understand God’s view of soul ties, the effects of ungodly soul ties and how to break free from them. This powerful conference series will start Thursday, April 26th at 9:00pm EST and will be available on video after the call.

Tuesday, April 24

(Bonus Class for People Who’ve Registered Friends or Paid for Class or Purchased This Bonus/ Not Included in Conference Series!)

Fingerprints on My Mind

Thursday, April 26

Understanding Soul Ties

Friday, April 27

The Effects of Toxic Soul Ties

Saturday, April 28

Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

Friday, May 4

(Paid Only/ Not Included in Conference Series!)

Slumber Party


First 50 registrants only!

Register a friend and the both of you will receive an invite to an unlisted Souled Out teleconference, entitled Fingerprints on My Heart! You do NOT want to miss this call!


$9.99 (First 50 registrants)

$14.99 (Every registrant after the first 50)

$7.99 (Register a friend)

$5.99 (BONUS: Fingerprints on My Mind)

$7.99 (Pay it Forward)

$9.99 (Slumber Party)


When God-fearing women of all ages, classes, denominations and races meet to share their stories and wisdom, something powerful happens! It is no wonder that wisdom is referred to as “her.” The Souled Out Slumber Party is where many of us will come together, unmute our phones, take down (or out) our hair, take off our girdles and just be honest! Heart-healing power will definitely be on this teleconference, so do not miss or forsake this powerful event!

This party is limited, so only 50 women will be allowed to participate.