Below, you will find the collages of some of the photos I’ve taken. These collages are printable and will look great in every room of a house, business or church. The images that you will be downloading are 7200px by 10800 (24×36), so they won’t look blurry or blotchy once printed if you use a high profile printer like Office Depot, Staples, Walmart or any of your local printers who have up-to-date printers. Because of the size of the photos, we will have to email them to you once you purchase them. Please allow us up to 24 hours to receive your downloads. Also, please know that the right to use the images is what’s being sold; you are not buying away our rights to the images, meaning, it won’t be removed from our store once you purchase it. Additionally, you are purchasing the graphics only and not the prints. You can use the printer of your choice to print these images.

Collage of Divine Arts 001

Collage of Divine Arts 002

Collage of Divine Arts 003