Dear Partner,
As a minister and entrepreneur, I am always working on something to encourage Kingdom empowerment on Earth. My businesses support my assignment in ministry (Anointed Fire) and my ministerial assignment helps me to better see and understand problems that are present today. This helps me to create solutions and raise up solution-minded people. My overall focus is Kingdom empowerment. I want to learn as much as I can learn so that I can teach others.
Some of the visions I want to birth include, but are not limited to:
Create jobs and career opportunities.

I want to create more companies; this way, I can partner with people who desire to start their own businesses, but don’t know how. Each entrepreneur will be trained and given the keys to an already established company. All he or she will have to do is pay the fee to purchase or sublease the company and take the training courses. Additionally, each partner will be required to (at minimum) create employment or business opportunities for other believers.

Address, confront and slowly put an end to homelessness.

I understand that the idea of eradicating homelessness seems too far fetched to accomplish, but I believe that if one person addresses the matter on a worldwide scale, it will begin to grab the attention of other organizations that have ignored the cry of the homeless. My vision is to teach one or more trades to people who are homeless, thus, empowering them to fill some of the many open job positions in the United States and abroad. Additionally, my overall vision is to teach people to create their own opportunities.

Address fatherlessness and loneliness.

I particularly have a heart for the elderly and the orphan. I believe that lawlessness is so prevalent in the United States and abroad because many children are being raised without the love, protection and comfort of parental wisdom. Additionally, there are countless older people in nursing homes who are being ignored and abused … men and women who have wisdom that would benefit our youth. One of the visions that I’m most passionate about is my desire to introduce men and women in nursing homes to children in orphanages. I want to create a meeting place or organization that bridges the gap between fatherlessness and loneliness.

Pending Projects

Movie Skits
Book Projects
Electronic Equipment