Ever since the production and launch of my first music video and short film, I’ve been eager to get back behind the camera. Of course, I want to make more music and shoot more short films, but I also want to record some of the skits I’ve written. Eventually, I plan to get into playwriting as well.

After working with a cameraman for my music video, In Your Presence, I started looking at camera and production equipment to call my own. Sure, I plan to hire people to do many things, but the reality of production is … the writer of the movie gets credit for the movie, but the person who holds the camera has more rights to the movie than the writer. Plus, I want to keep all of the clips, including the outtakes (I don’t believe in throwing good clips away; they can be re-purposed) and this can be a challenge to acquire when hiring external help. Don’t get me wrong. My experience with the cameraman was great, but my vision is greater. For me, it goes far beyond one movie; every clip is an experience.


Since this is an ongoing effort, meaning, there is no end date, I cannot assign a monetary goal to it, but I can say that the production equipment (cameras, drones, camera stands, lens, editing software, etc.) will cost no less than $10,000 and this is for cheap equipment. The actors and props are a separate fee. Actors generally charge no less than $100 a day per actor.