Apply for I am a ChrisTeen by Remnant Writers

I am a ChrisTeen is a new feature where we’re connecting teenagers from around the world and allowing them to co-write books that promote the Kingdom of God. We are putting God’s mark on the next generation. If you’d like to register your teen for the I am a ChrisTeen program, please fill out the form below. Someone will be in touch with you within  5 to 7 business days.

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Need to Know

  1. We are not accepting every story submitted. We are only accepting stories that benefit the body of Christ and demonstrate an overcoming.

  2. We will require written, documented permission from the parents of every child who submits a story.

  3. With each book published under the program, the parents of the co-authors will determine whether the royalties go to each child or if the royalties are donated to a charity.

  4. No one family will receive all the royalties. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  5. We will not keep any of the royalties. Co-authors will purchase a royalty report every month, every six months or annually.

  6. Submissions must be properly edited. We will not accept poorly written stories.

  7. Teen must be interested in participating in this program. We will not force or accept a child who’s being forced to participate. This is not a punishment; it’s a privilege!

  8. Teens will occasionally be connected with other teens (via Internet/ through parents, of course) if we feel the connection can help them with their books.

  9. There is a $50 fee for every child whose submission is accepted. This money will go towards publishing and editing the book.

  10. Parents and co-writers will not have any say in the direction, printing, publishing or distribution of the books!