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Why The Enemy Wants You in Unforgiveness

Un-Wife-Like Behaviors on Social Media

Un-Husband-Like Behaviors on Social Media

Between the Sheets and Behind the Masks

Jezebel… at the Dog Park

The Truth about Ishmael

What a Soul Tie Looks Like

Man’s Praise is a Snare

What Fornication Does to Women

What Fornication Does to Men

Transition, Opposition, Position

How Seduction Destroys Marriages

When Life Breaks Down

The Power of the Seductress

The Average Snare

The Power to Move You

Something Every Husband and Every Future Husband Should Know

God-Fearing Woman Plus Godless Man Equals Ungodly Relationship

Sheep Amongst Wolves: A Message to the Elijahs, Josephs and Davids

A Life’s Sentence: Your Plans for You vs. God’s Plans for You

Am I Free to Marry?
The Truth About Soul Ties

One in a Billion
(Finding Your Own Wife)

Are My Relationships Stunting My Growth?

Jezebel and Ahab Spirits:
Demon Royalty

Sin- A Designer’s Nightmare

Rejecting Ishmael

A Parked Mind Runs on Air

The Devil of Repetition

Understanding Your Function

The Act of Right Now

Can You Handle Favor?

Outside of Your Understanding

The Altar is Ready….But Where’s the Sacrifice?

Recognizing and Preventing Child Molestation

Never Accept What the Lord Has Rejected

Understanding Racism to End Race Wars

Living About Self

Religious Prostitution

Prophesying While Fornicating

The Reprobate Mind

The Fear of Rejection

Wrong Man, Wrong Woman

Purity is for Men Too

The Power is in the Details

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