Anointed Fire (the Ministry)

Anointed Fire was founded by Tiffany Buckner in 2011. Initially, it started off as a radio ministry where Tiffany had been retained to share a weekly word. After praying about the name God wanted her to use for her new show, she heard the words, “Anointed Fire.”
Not long after she stopped the radio ministry, Tiffany founded Anointed Fire™ Magazine. The magazine quickly took off, interviewing renown artists such as Preashia Hilliard and Renee Spearman. Tiffany’s passion about shining the spotlight where it belongs (on Christ and those who serve Him) sparked a lot of controversy. She came to discover that there were (and are) many believers who are against Christian artists making a living off their music, even though those same believers oftentimes support secular, ungodly artists. This provoked the woman of God to write more articles using more avenues. Her passion about seeing the name of God promoted throughout the earth compelled her to write “The Gospel Propeller.”
After she launched Anointed Fire, the Kingdom Ambassador continued to hear from God regarding the ministry. It continued to expand and before long, it was more than just a ministry; it became a two-part establishment boasting of a business that would change the face of Christian branding.

Anointed Fire (the Business)

Tiffany’s graphic design career started off when she was going between the world and the church. Initially, she started off creating websites and branding materials for secular artist; that was, until God rebuked her and in 2008, the maturing woman of God deleted her hip-hop site and committed her hands to the Lord. She vowed (to God) to never use her talents for the world again. Of course, she was tested many times, but she remained faithful to her vow.
In 2011, Ms. Buckner was still trying to perfect her new talent: designing logos. She’d created logos for a few ministries, but because she was a novice (or so she thought), she only charged $30 to create a logo. This changed when one of her customers asked if she knew how to create Bishop Seals.  Up until that point, she didn’t know what seals were, but after doing some research, Tiffany was sure she could perform the task.  That’s when the miracle of Anointed Fire (the business) was supernaturally created.
During that time in her ministry and business, the not-so-experienced Graphic Designer would design for her customers first and collect the payments once the customers approved their designs. So when the man of God asked her to create a Bishop’s Seal for him, she quoted him a price of $60 and went immediately to work on his design. At the time, Tiffany was in a bad marriage and trying hard to prove that she could earn income from home, since her then-husband was pressuring her to get a traditional job.
Once the seal was finished, Ms. Buckner sent a sample to the Bishop hoping to get paid for the design immediately. Nevertheless, even though he’d approved the design, the Bishop couldn’t seem to submit the payment. Frustrated, Tiffany continued to reach out to him about the payment, but to no avail. She didn’t realize at that time that God was moving on her behalf; this was a divine appointment and a divine setup.
Twenty-four hours after completing the design, the young and vibrant Tiffany reached out to the man of God and told him that he had until 12 noon to complete the payment, otherwise, she would be auctioning off the design on Facebook. The Bishop was kind and understanding, and true to her word, when twelve o’clock hit, Tiffany watermarked the design and posted it on Facebook for sale. She was selling the design for $75. To her surprise, her inbox was inundated with messages from leaders asking her to hold the design, but she was determined to get paid fast, so she told everyone who inquired about the design that it was first come- first serve. Minutes after posting the design online, she had a confirmed buyer from Mississippi. The woman of God did not know that this was the start of a business that would catapult her faith to heights imaginable.
After selling the design, Tiffany continued to receive requests from leaders around the world asking her to create Seals and Logos for their ministries. Her business took off overnight and as time went on, it grew to include many other services and extensions.
To date, Anointed Fire boasts of a publishing company, online school, magazine, and of course, seal and logo company. Additionally, the company continues to grow, adding new services and extensions almost monthly.