Tiffany Buckner (formerly Tiffany Kameni) is the Author of 41 books and counting. Her books range from relationship help books to books on demonology. She has written for renown publications such as Examiner, Yahoo and Associated Content.
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Tiffany is a Writer in every sense of the word. She is passionate about teaching the Word of God through her writings. She has authored more than 200 articles with Examiner alone. She is a Blogger, Ghostwriter and Journalist.
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As a Book Editor, Tiffany is overly passionate about ensuring that every book published through her company represents the Kingdom of God in pure excellence. She is so passionate that she offers two editors for the price of one.
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Tiffany is a new songwriter who has written, published and distributed four ground-moving songs, with more in the works. As a new songwriter, she has discovered that her favorite writing style is worship. Her first music video is available on YouTube and is entitled In Your Presence.
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A Graphic Designer, Tiffany is the founder of one of the most popular ministerial Seal and Logo sites in the world (, with a store boasting of more than one thousand seal and logo designs.
In addition to seals, crests and logos, she creates websites, flyers, business cards, FB timeline banners, book covers, brochures and much much more.
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The founder of Anointed Fire™ House Christian Publishing, Tiffany also loans her talents to publishing Christian books for up and coming Authors.
Deemed the one-stop-shop of Christian publishing, Anointed Fire House provides editing, formatting, publishing and distribution services, as well as video editing and cover design.
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Tiffany had always been passionate about photography. Before she became a professional Photographer, she would oftentimes buy disposable cameras to take pictures of her friends and family, but not before glamming them up. Today, she is a freelance photographer.
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Tired of paying Video Editors hundreds of bucks to create videos that were partially impressive, Ms. Buckner took on the challenge of learning to create and edit videos herself. To date, she has created numerous video book trailers and commercials for ministries around the world.
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Tiffany Buckner is a Life Coach, Business Coach and Writers’ Coach. As a Life Coach, she loans her services to men and women in need of encouragement. As a Business Coach, she teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to start and run their own Christian businesses. As a Writers’ Coach, she is the founder of Remnant Writers, a program designed to help Christian authors professionally write their books in 35 days or less.